Greatest movie experience of all time. (Virginity lost)

My first blog. So why not blog about the greatest movie experience I have ever had!

Yesterday I was at a mates place just laxing with a killer hangover from Wednesday night. He has a decent sized TV hooked up to a good sound system.
Admittedly we were recreationally altering our state of mind and I had read about this movie.
- "Dude we should download this movie I've been wanting to watch for ages, 'Baraka'"
To my surprise he has it, and on Blu Ray! - "YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!"

With no dialogue (don't let this put you off, rather, broaden hour horizons!) it sucks you in with the most stunning imagery you have ever seen! This film truly made me rethink some of the things I (we) do on a daily basis and I'm also unashamed to say that there were tears in my eyes on at least one occasion, a spontaneous clap in amazement and just sheer awe at the magnitude of the place we live!

Watch this movie! Watch it on Blu-ray! Watch it on a good TV with an amazing sound system! Get blazed beforehand (seriously, dooze it)

Blu-ray - Its the only way to fly.

blog virginity officially lost :)


  1. Wow, I'll be sure to check out the film. Sounds amazing.

  2. Just read about it in Wikipedia, sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Congrat on losing your blogging v-card :) Supporting bro!

  4. Baraka is a word that means blessing in a multitude of languages. - wiki (dont know how reliable that is though)If its true, its quite appropriate!

  5. I'm kind of interested now, thanks for the review.

  6. Nice review, gonna go see if i can pick it up for rental

  7. Great review! I'm probably going to watch this movie soon.

  8. Sounds good. Going to rent this movie tonight!


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