The story so far.

Born to (lower) middle class family.
  •  Very family orientated.
  • Raised under catholic faith - church every Sunday.
  • Never had a lot of 'things' but parents always provided! (Thank-you)
  • Every single school report - 'uhohMESIAH' "could do so much more, if he just put his mind to it."
  • Parents always emphasised the importance of school. I understood (I think), but always only did enough to pass. A trait which has unfortunately followed me to university.
  • Moved to new country.
  • Start high school in lower grade, just so I can be with people my own age. (Foolish)
  • Assume righteous role over headstrong, free-willed younger brother. (Stupid)
  • Start jamming on halo - alias - uhohMESIAH is born (didn't know how to spell 'Messiah' - stuck with it anyway.)
  • Get first girlfriend - don't even kiss. (Pussy)
  • 3 more girlfriends the latter of which I profess my love to, forever dubbed 'Lady'.
  • Finish high school while working part time.
  • Can't be fucked going to Uni, get job as civil servant with decent coin. (Lucky)
  • Office job sucks, I want to travel.
  • Leave home and girlfriend for "I'm not sure how long."
  • Live in Beijing for 16 months teaching English - source of many a tale. (Epic)
  • Start to understand and not to be such a cunt to brother - relationship improves.
  • Family moves to another country.
  • Go 'home' to see Lady and start university.
  • Lady leaves on OE for a year.
  • Single again - terrible uni grades.
  • Start to question my surroundings; media, politics, religion, governments etc.
  • Realise everything that was drilled into me as a child, which I hated at the time - was all for a reason. (Thankful)
  • Lady returns - things aren't what they used to be. (Fuck!)
To be continued...

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