Storm by Tim Minchin

Amazing animated short from Tim Minchin. Saw this a while back and once I was 1:30 in I could not stop watching! Think there is a little (or a lot) of Tim and this mentality in all of us. ("What mentality - being correct!?" I hear some of you say...)

We can't go around living like hippies forever now can we... (sigh)

Now if there were ever a period that suited me... It would be that! - Carefree, experimental, "we are all one", "lets party at any damn time we please" kinda life.

Peace and Love


  1. Dont storm me haha ;) followed

  2. LOVE Tim Minchin.
    I have not seen this before, most awesome find!

  3. I only wish I thought of it first. (And also that talented!)

  4. My comment is out of topic, but it's hard to read white font on the white face.

  5. wont load for me :( prolly my connection ill ave to check it out later.


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