A Hitstory Of Violence - Dont waste your bandwidth.

Just sat through A History Of Violence. Was looking forward to a somewhat engaging movie, unfortunately I was sorely mistaken...
The opening scene tries too hard to be clever in some sort of eclectic way but falls terribly flat which sets up the premise for the whole movie. As Vigo is introduced his character is is slightly overwritten and overplayed which immediately tells us were in for a character transformation later on. I had to turn on pokerstars halfway through just so I would sit through the rest of the movie.. Christ I'm even getting bored writing this review... To my surprise and shock its rocking 87% on Rotten Tomatoes - seriously wtf man!?

"Raises compelling and thoughtful questions" - you gotta be shitting me.

Deleted straight after watching, terrible acting and predictable, save yourself the time this movie is pointless.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

How does this happen? 

This, being my bedroom floor.

Every now and again I wake up, take a look around and think "how the fuck did my room get like this?" And the answer eludes me every single time. Having a clean room seems to be a battle for the ages that I'm constantly losing. If it were the lounge or bathroom that looked like this from my own doing I would clean it up straight away, but when it comes to my room I just let it slide and slide and slide some more.

When my room is this bad I am constantly trolling the floor for clothes, mainly socks and underwear - employing the ever-reliable 'sniff test' on any garment from the heap that lies at the end of my bed. This is a pretty embarrassing bad habit and to quote my mother a few years ago; "clutter in your room means clutter in your life." That shit made so much sense to me at the time I kept my room tidy for like a month... Then the laziness got the best of me once again.

Waking up to a clean room really does make me feel better in the morning. So interwebs, the great clean up begins! (Tomorrow.) And from that day forth I will be making a genuine effort to keep this badboy tidy!! 



Wiping the bowl.

I'm tired of going into the bathroom in my flat only to find that someone has splashed on the toilet seat. Unfortunately for me I cannot leave the bathroom without cleaning it! I absolutely have to clean it solely because I don't want someone to walk in after me and think it were I that acted in such a juvenile way.

"Why the fuck did he not clean that up, who the fuck do you think you are just leaving your piss right there for someone else to have to wipe up. You're not 6 years old for Christ's sakes you rude cunt."

Which is what I think when I walk in and see it.
I mean seriously, it's not that hard. If you want to be a decent flatmate



Dinner on a Budget #1

Being a fantastically-poor student, I am regularly forced to scrape the bottom and create whatever I can from the empty cavity that is my fridge. Nothing too creative tonight, just grilled cheese, ham and tomato. Did a wee Jamie Oliver and spread on some mayo and mustard, then salt 'n pepper to taste with a sprinkling of oregano/coriander (I forget which one).

It went a little something like this.

Prep, including all the damage (mess).

Add a selection of wine.
(Happened to be 3 different wines thrown into one.)

Proof is in the plate.
As well as being slightly tipsy :)


A Splash of Narcissism.

Clearly this blatant, uncreative bit of narcissism will not be uploaded by Urban Dictionary.
Will just keep an eye on the inbox for the impending response of "you have failed, please gtfo".


To remain anonymous or not.

When I first started this blog, I imagined it to be a kind of escape in which I could tell the world all the stories and secrets that only a few know, and in some cases no one else knows.
Bearing in mind that I have people in my life that would not appreciate these tales which include but are not limited to; sex, breaking the law, rancid thoughts, drugs, debauchery, cheating, lies, procrastination, women etc. (The list goes on...)

But since 'anonymous' never really means anonymous these days I guess I have dropped my balls and only included mundane and (to a certain extent) socially acceptable anecdotes. Seems like anonymous has turned in to anonyMOUSE!

So as I contemplate the future of this blog and all it encompasses, relay to me any stories that you have, or heard of; where internet 'anonymity' has come back to severely bit people in the ass.

Hitback below!


Dance Monkeys Dance by Ernest Cline

Had to watch this numerous times. Another gem unearthed from the youtube. Can not but feel insignificant and ask yourself "what the fuck are we doing?"

What do you think?
Rubbish or Gospel?