To remain anonymous or not.

When I first started this blog, I imagined it to be a kind of escape in which I could tell the world all the stories and secrets that only a few know, and in some cases no one else knows.
Bearing in mind that I have people in my life that would not appreciate these tales which include but are not limited to; sex, breaking the law, rancid thoughts, drugs, debauchery, cheating, lies, procrastination, women etc. (The list goes on...)

But since 'anonymous' never really means anonymous these days I guess I have dropped my balls and only included mundane and (to a certain extent) socially acceptable anecdotes. Seems like anonymous has turned in to anonyMOUSE!

So as I contemplate the future of this blog and all it encompasses, relay to me any stories that you have, or heard of; where internet 'anonymity' has come back to severely bit people in the ass.

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  1. I think you smoked too much tonight ha ha anon is always good. The more of it you has the better. Besides, you do have free speech rights and you cannot be prosecuted for discussing past illegal behavior for which there is no evidence.

  2. I prefer anonymity because it allows me to say what i truly feel. Even though i hate to admit it, i often find myself holding back for fear of what others might think.

  3. make separate account
    post whatever you want

  4. Linkszee, have a look at my previous post!

    Quinn, I always planned for this to be anonymous, but now that I get more into it, I find myself wanting to tell my friends to check it out. I guess I will just have to refrain and just go with it, post whatever the hell I please!


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