Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

How does this happen? 

This, being my bedroom floor.

Every now and again I wake up, take a look around and think "how the fuck did my room get like this?" And the answer eludes me every single time. Having a clean room seems to be a battle for the ages that I'm constantly losing. If it were the lounge or bathroom that looked like this from my own doing I would clean it up straight away, but when it comes to my room I just let it slide and slide and slide some more.

When my room is this bad I am constantly trolling the floor for clothes, mainly socks and underwear - employing the ever-reliable 'sniff test' on any garment from the heap that lies at the end of my bed. This is a pretty embarrassing bad habit and to quote my mother a few years ago; "clutter in your room means clutter in your life." That shit made so much sense to me at the time I kept my room tidy for like a month... Then the laziness got the best of me once again.

Waking up to a clean room really does make me feel better in the morning. So interwebs, the great clean up begins! (Tomorrow.) And from that day forth I will be making a genuine effort to keep this badboy tidy!! 



  1. Lol, this looks too familiar!

  2. Finding my room clean also makes me feel better.

  3. Your room looks as messy as mine!

  4. And i thought i was the only one in this world with a room looking like that. +follow.
    Cool post

  5. I'm not sure how reliable the 'sniff test' really is. But if it works for you...



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