A Hitstory Of Violence - Dont waste your bandwidth.

Just sat through A History Of Violence. Was looking forward to a somewhat engaging movie, unfortunately I was sorely mistaken...
The opening scene tries too hard to be clever in some sort of eclectic way but falls terribly flat which sets up the premise for the whole movie. As Vigo is introduced his character is is slightly overwritten and overplayed which immediately tells us were in for a character transformation later on. I had to turn on pokerstars halfway through just so I would sit through the rest of the movie.. Christ I'm even getting bored writing this review... To my surprise and shock its rocking 87% on Rotten Tomatoes - seriously wtf man!?

"Raises compelling and thoughtful questions" - you gotta be shitting me.

Deleted straight after watching, terrible acting and predictable, save yourself the time this movie is pointless.


  1. Yeah, I never really wanted to watch this.

  2. Good post, i will watch more.

  3. thanks for warning us, i like the way u discribe.
    +1 follower!

  4. I agree, watched it when it came out, thought it was pretty bad.

  5. Agreed! Followed! alphabetalife.blogspot.com


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