paddys day

"Yes its paddy day, but jees woman you still have to go to work, so just splash a little bit of green on yourself. Dont dive head first, eyes closed into every single green garment you own!" FFS, lrn2coordinate!!
 anyways im getting drunk by my fucking self since friends are out in a different burb and I cant be farked going all that way to drink only to come back to my pad then head in to town! So its myself, Diesel Bourbon and Girl Talk!! 
THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ALBUMS OF ALL TIME! AHAHA will ad another post on the story of this monster! google that shit, youtube that shit - DOWNLOAD THAT SHIT!!!!!!!

Found some green paint in my room left over from another outing so that will be my gimmick for the night.. 
four diesel down 2 to go! 

fuck previewing! just DOOZE IT!

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